The Paulist Fathers

The Paulist Fathers are the first Religious Order of men created in the United States. Serving in the United States and in Canada, the Paulists are a bridge between the best of American ideals and our Catholic faith.

Serving in the Diocese of Knoxville since 1973, the Paulists provide leadership at St. John XXIII University Parish, the Catholic presence at the University of Tennessee, as well as at Immaculate Conception Church, in downtown Knoxville. Click the image below to get to know a little more about us.

Mission Statement of the Paulist Fathers

We give the Word of God a voice in pulpits and print,
on radio and television, on the Web and the wide screen.

We search out those who have no church home,
and welcome home those who have been away.

We share the passion of St. Paul for unity in faith and solidarity
in mission among all the baptized in the body of Christ.

We build bridges of respect and collaboration
with people of other world religions.

We welcome people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds
in our parish, city center and campus worshipping communities.

We preach the Gospel calling for all the children of God
to be treated with dignity and justice.

We claim Isaac Hecker as our founder,
the Holy Spirit as our primary guide,
St. Paul as our patron
and laity as our valued partners in mission.

We are Paulists. Missionaries to North America.

Paulist Fathers

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Download our Paulist Guidebook (PDF) to learn even more.